DoC by GL covering foll. flagstates:

  1. Denmark
  2. Faroe Islands
  3. Further flagstates obtainable upon request

Included in our services are annual onboard audits, both documentary and technical via our own employed DP and technical surveyor.

Representing vessel/owner as CSO and contactpoint for the SSAS

Technical Management

  • Operation + maintenance inspections
  • Onboard assistance
  • Planning/execution of docking, class surveys,repairs, rebuilding
  • Commercial + Technical assistance – Sale & Purchase
  • Budgets, Cost control + Approval of Invoices
  • Purchase of Spares, Stores & Equipment


Full accounting prepared for audition of public accountant (Danish law).
Statements of account each month or quarter.
Annual meetings with the public accountant


Further to the Danish national jobbank for seafarers, we also co-operate directly with a number of crewagencies in the Baltic States.

Travel arrangements for on-/offsigners.

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